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welcome Cheminova
 Who We Are
The Cheminova Group- 
Cheminova Organics Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified company focused on developing, manufacturing, and selling value-added performance additive products for various industries. Cheminova, an innovative specialty chemicals company, has developed a large number of products. We offer several product ranges serve for many sectors. Our chemical products and technical services enhance our customer processes, improve their product quality, and lower their cost.

Cheminova is the ideal development partner to provide the optimal solution for your specific needs, and bring a full line of leading-edge chemical solutions, industry know-how, and a collaborative approach to performance additives challenges. We aim to offer customers solutions to their problems through high-quality products that offer efficient and cost-effective results.

Cheminova is a fast growing company; in a very short time our company has greatly expanded the number of products. If our chemical products are used in direct food for human consumption, we are produced non-toxic product according to FDA standards. We are specially taking care of all these things at the time of production.

Cheminova success based on-
Technology upgrading 
 New products development

 What We Do

Create Value Through Our Products-
The Cheminova Group develop, manufacture and market speciality chemicals for the beet and cane sugar, paper and pulp, textiles, leather, detergent, hospitals, personal care, agricultural, and fuel ethanol industries. Cheminova has anexperience of over two decade in the field of specialty chemicals, the ability to find innovative solutions to customers needs, while addressing health, safety and environmental issues, is key to our growth.

Our products are developed in - house through a continuous process of research and development, and have met excellent commercial success in the specialized end-use application that it caters to. Cheminova has met resounding success till date, due to our innovativeness, total quality management and exemplary customer services.

Cheminova Philosophy-
To best serve our customers in this rapidly changing manufacturing era by:

Product Formulationby our in-house chemists
 Environmentally safe,economical and quality products
 Value-added services
Order accuracy
Providing highest level technical support

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