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 Process Additives For Cane Sugar

Cheminova is a largest supplier of products and solutions to cane sugar industry, our extensive range of advanced technology products will help you improve performance and profitability of their operations.


Cheminova has been intimately involved in the development of sugar process chemical and process technology for many years and we have the expertise, the personnel and the experience to help you solve your process and water problems.


Cheminova full line of process chemical additives has been developed through years of extensive research and field applications. Cheminova has proven to be a reliable partner in the field of Sugar. We offers a wide range of sugar processing chemicals that have been developed to increase performance and yield efficiency of the your factory.


Our wide range chemicals includes antiscalants, colour precipitants, bleaching aids, biocides/preservatives, dextran & starch inhibitor, viscosity reducers, defoamers, flocculants, descalants, bio-enzymes can significantly improve the efficiency of the operation.


We have extensive experience in industrial technology for sugar cane, for all systems phosphoflotation and sulfitation of cane sugar, and well as water treatment and purification.


We have provided you below Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available on line for registered users. First find the product then you need then click on the icon to download the .pdf  file. However, if the products you are looking for is not listed below, please contact one of our sales associates to inquire about your particular chemical need.


Product Name Product Application tds msds

Sugar Refinery Syrup Flocculant


It is water soluble polymers which have been developed specifically as aids to the rapid flotation of phosphatation scums at the clarification stage of refinery processing.

Sugar Juice Flocculant


An specially designed anionic polymer that is used as a flocculant in the clarification and filtration of sugar cane juice. It is increase settling rate and thereby reducing the retention time in the clarification stage.

Juice Colour Precipitant


A cationic liquid used to reduce the ash content of sugar juice, which increases the clarity and sparkle of the juice, as well as the sugar yield.

Syrup Colour Precipitant


Syrup colour precipitant based on polyamine high cationic charge that is needed to de-stabilise the negatively charged colloidal particles and promote rapid floc formation.


A latest new generation product based on aliphatic amine when used at ‘PAN’ to give bright sugar with excellent keeping quality. It can also be used for syrup bleaching in sugar industry.

Raw Sugar Refinery Colour Precipitant


Based on fatty amine quat in liquid form used as a decolourant for sugar refineries tate and lyle process.


Based on polyamine and polyDADMAC for use in carbonatation and phosphotation sugar refineries as decolourising aids.

Mill Sanitation Chemical Biocide


A organic antimicrobial based on dual antibiotics with special ingredient effective for bacteriostatic and bactericidal action of  cane sugar mill. It is based on a antibiotic and natural synthesis is particularly effective against gram-positive bacteria such as Leuconostoc Mesenteroides.


It is synergistic blend of  organosulphur (dithicarbamates) and bio-enzymes for use in the significantly reduce the purity drop, resulting in better sucrose yields. At the same time the increase in reducing sugar/pol ratio (reducing sugar % Brix) between the crusher and mixed juice will be minimised. 


Highly effective aldehyde/quat base bactericide cum juice preservatator to effective control on gram (+ve) and gram (-ve)  bacteria, yeast and fungi.


It is a synergistic blend of long chain quaternary amine and dispersing salt to effective control sucrose loss due to microbial inversion is reduced enhancing output of sugar.

Bio-surfactant For Control Dextran & Syrup Colour


It is a complex mixture of organic polymers and bio-surfactant for control dextran and colour in mixed juice & syrup. This is a natural biodegradable complex polymers that are produced directly by the micro-orgarnisms through a bacterial fermentation processes.

Juice Preservative


Cane Juice Preservator replacement of formaldehyde & halogen compound with also control drop in purity from clear juice to unsulphured syrup.

Sugar Evaporator Antiscalant


It is a highly effective polymaleic base synthetic liquid for use to inhibit formation of scale in evaporators, vacuum pans and juice heating equipments.


It is a polymeric sodium salt of polyacrylate formulation designed for the prevention of scale formation in the multiple-effect evaporators.

Viscosity Reducer


Nonionic special pan boiling additive designed to increase sugar yield and lower molasses purity, improve purging, massecuite fluidity, speed graining, and form sharper crystals.


It is a synthetic polymeric crystallizing aid based on anionic surfactant with organic food grade ester in liquid form specially formulated to reduce the viscosity of massecuites.


Polymeric surfactant helps to improve the recirculation of the magma, so boiling improves in the pan, better heat transmission, avoid false grains, and reduce the time of boiling in the pan.


Organic oleate base pan aid cum defoamer used to maintain product rates by lowering the viscosity of the massecuite during periods when it is particularly high, for example during periods of heavy rain or processing old or burnt cane.

Enzyme for Starch


An liquid  food grade enzyme is a preparation which contains a heat stable α-amylase produced by a strain of Bacillus subtilis for control starch in sugar juice, syrup & raw sugar refinery effective working temp. up to 90oC (194oF).


An endoamylase enzyme is a preparation which contains a heat stable α-amylase produced by a strain of Bacillus stearothermophilus working temperature up to 115oC (239oF).

Enzyme for Dextran


An aqueous solution of the enzyme dextranase used in cane, beet sugar and raw sugar refinery for used in the sugar industry to break down dextran in raw juice, syrup or melt.

Antifoaming Agent


It is a water-based, 100% non-silicone antifoam emulsion highly effective antifoamer with immediate effect at low concentration and long active in preventing new foam formation.  It can be used in all production steps of the sugar manufacturing, i.e. it can be used in the washing process (water ways), the diffusion (sugar house) as well as in the molasses.


Based on food grade polysilicone,excellent antifoaming and defoaming agent suitable for the elimination of foam that builds-up during extraction processes.

Defoaming Agent


Based on fatty acid glycol ester to inhibit the formation of foam of juice and diffusers, as well as syrup and molasses.


Based on anionic biodegradable sulfated castor oil, excellent defoaming properties use for the sugar & distillery

Bagasse Pol Reducer


It is a blend of surface active agents which has been specifically designed for improving  the chaaracterstics of the maceration waterso that the extraction is better, thereby reducing pol in bagasse.

Mud Pol Reducer


An mud pol reducer based on surface active agent which lowers the viscosity of the mud, increases the filterability of the mud and subsequently reduces the amount of sugar lost. It is extremely easy to use as it can be added directly to the feed stream to the Rotary vacuum filter or to the filter mud boot.

Seed Slurry


It is an glycol/glycerine chemical preparation containing micro-crystals of sucrose which have been precision milled to a specific particle size and distribution and suspended in a formulation.


It is an alcoholic chemical preparation containing micro-crystals of sucrose which have been precision milled to a specific particle size and distribution and suspended in a formulation.

Evaporator Descaling Chemical


It is a powder inhibited acidic formulation to dissolve deposits of water juice scale formation in the heat transfer equipments like sugar mill evaporators and quads without affecting the metal.


This is a blends of mild acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitor designed for removal of mineral oxide deposits from common metals, especially steels used in evaporator. 

Scale Softener


It is a liquid specially developed chemical composition for softening the scales in the evaporator bodies of sugar industry during cleaning process. It can be added to caustic soda in specific proportions during the soda boiling of evaporator bodies.

Spray Pond Water pH Booster


It is an alkaline liquid formulation designed to increase alkalinity and pH boosting of spray pond water and also used to reduce corrosion and fouling of pipe line, process equipment & pump.

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor


It is a cationic, organic and liquid corrosion inhibitor especially designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid on iron and steel during industrial cleaning operations. AI270 also inhibits acid attack on copper, brass and their alloys. It contains no arsenic, no chlorinated hydrocarbons and no lead compounds.

Sugar Pan Descaling Chemical


It has been specially designed for use as a convenient economical cleaning agent to remove scale and corrosion in Sugar Pan.

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